Distributive Practice

Distributive Practice is a method of structuring lessons and homework to cater to how a student's brain functions. The diagram to the right illustrates the effects of using this method. The solid orange line illustrates an objective's path measured againt the classes since its inception and the student's recall ability for it. The red stop signs illustrate where review of the concept has stopped the student's deterioration of their recall ability. The dotted line represents the continued deterioration of the ability if the review was not in place. Click here for more information.

tiSkills Website and YouTube Channel

tiSkills.com is a graphing calculator tutorial website. On the site, I provide a free graphing calculator course, videos of my first tutorials, and a link to my YouTube Channel.

My YouTube Channel hosts the graphing calculator tutorials and NYS Regents review videos for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Alg2/Trigonometry. It has become a popular channel and the image on the right shows the current views and subscribers that it has (as of 07-06-13). Click here for more information.

The HIL Project

A HIL (Hub for Independent Learning) is a classroom that contains internet/intranet access for students to access video lessons online. A HIL is facilitated by a certified teacher in the respective subject area. During a typical session, a student enters the room, plugs his headphones into an audio outlet, watches a lesson, and interacts with the teacher if need be. This project has the potential to redefine classroom structure, in a manner that maximizes student potential instead of stifling it. Click here for more information.


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