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Education Reform

One Career, One Chance

If you were given a twenty-dollar bill and told that this is the last twenty dollars that you would spend in your lifetime, how would you spend it? Would you toss and turn over every dollar or just the last few? Just how much thought would you put into it? Would you spend it recklessly or carefully?

As I reflect on being an educator and realize that I have about 20 years left in my career, for me, it brings light to the scenario above and how I want to spend my “last twenty”. Twenty is a small number and as I look forward...
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My attempt at reforming my classroom

I believe that an environment in which a student can be respected as an individual is the best place for a student to grow to their full potential. Every student has their differences, but it is how we treat these differences that makes all the difference. Currently in the typical classroom these differences are cast aside in order to conform the student to a set pace determined by a state curriculum. The HIL Project is my attempt to make the classroom a better place.

Access The HIL Project Site

HILs I have constructed.

I have constructed several HILs and have posted them on the web for anyone to use. Check them out using the link below.

Access to HILs I have constructed.

Websites on Flipped Learning

Below are links to sites that provide more info on flipped classrooms and learning. I believe that flipped classrooms are the catalyst for breaking the hold that the traditional classroom has on our schools. Flipping a classroom is the first step in providing true individualize experiences to our students. I encourage all to explore more:

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